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Top 10 Health Benefits of Tulsi

With its scientific name as Ocimum Sanctum, Tulsi is holy basil in India with numerous medicinal and health benefits. The health benefits of tulsi are known over years. For this reason, it is used in various Ayurvedic and ancient medicines to cure and combat various ailments.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Tulsi

10 Best Health Benefits of Tulsi

Almost every house in India has a tulsi plant. But if you don’t have one, then check these top 10 health benefits of tulsi plant because after reading this, you will definitely not able to resist having a tulsi plant in your own house.

1) A Magical Cure to Respiratory Problems

Tulsi leaves are excellent to treat various viral, fungal, and bacterial infections of the respiratory system. If you or anyone in your house, especially small children, suffers from regular congestion troubles, then giving water boiled with tulsi leaves is the simplest and effective way to treat the problem. It is because Tulsi contains high contents of Cineole, Eugenol, and Camphene that are very effective in treating both chronic and acute respiratory problems.

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2) An Effective Remedy to Cure Fever

The health benefits of tulsi oil are incomparable. The tulsi oil is prepared from phytonutrients contained in it. This oil is an amazing antibiotic, disinfectant, fungicidal, and germicidal. Tulsi oil is proven effective for fevers caused due to any allergic reactions, or due to infections from bacteria, virus, or protozoa. You can rub few drops of oil on the body, especially on the feet and arms. Also, you can drink boiled water with two drops of tulsi oil added into it.

3) A Great Way to Protect the Heart

Tulsi contains Eugenol, which is a compound rich in antioxidant properties. Eugenol can effectively regulate the blood pressure levels and even reduce the cholesterol levels to a high extent. So, if you practice chewing few tulsi leaves empty stomach every morning, then this can prevent various heart ailments. This would be the easiest and affordable remedy to keep your heart healthy always.

4) An Amazing Solution to Combat Diabetes

Leaves of tulsi are packed with numerous essential oils, like caryophyllene, methyl eugenol, and eugenol, and antioxidants. These properties aid the pancreatic beta cells to function properly, which in turn regulates the levels of insulin. So, one of the health benefits of tulsi leaves is that they are useful in controlling the levels of diabetes.

5) An Affordable Solution to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

Just like tulsi leaves, even there are numerous health benefits of tulsi juice for the human body. If you have kidney stones, then drinking tulsi juice with one spoon honey every morning will wash all the stones away. The tulsi juice works as an excellent detoxifier and diuretic, which is amazing for the kidneys. Besides breaking the stones, the juice also helps to pull down the pain from these stones and even cleanses the blood.

6) Get Glowing and Pimple-Free Skin with Tulsi Green Tea

One of the wonderful health benefits of tulsi green tea is that it can help combat pimples, acne, and all sorts of skin problems. You can drink one or two cups of tulsi green tea on a daily basis. The difference will become noticeable in just one month.

7) A Great Source of Vitamin K

If you are seeking for the health benefits of Tulsi seeds then you would be glad to know that tulsi leaves and seeds are a rich source of Vitamin K. Consuming the leaves and seeds on a regular basis keeps the body metabolism healthy. It also maintains the cognitive function and fulfills the deficiency of vitamin K to the complete extent.

8) Protect Your Body from Cancer with Tulsi Drops

The health benefits of tulsi drops are incomparable as they can help fight various severe ailments, such as cancer. The high levels of phytochemicals in tulsi leaves are excellent to maintain the health of lung, liver, skin, and oral body. Also, these extracts are great to fight various sorts of cancers related to the lung, skin, and other body parts. Tulsi leaves control growth of cancer-causing cells and combat metastasis.

9) Balance Hormones with Tulsi Tea

One of the major health benefits of tulsi tea is that it helps maintain the perfect level of hormones in the body. Drinking one cup of tulsi tea every morning will ensure that your body hormones always stay balanced.

10) An Excellent Anti-Stress Agent

The tulsi leaves work as excellent anti-stress agents. These leave help to alleviate the stress levels to a great extent. All you need to do is view 10 – 12 leaves twice a day. Even this will purify the blood and prevent various types of common health problems.

These are the top 10 health benefits of tulsi extracts. If you have a tulsi plant at home then it is great, and if not, then plant a tulsi plant in your house right now.

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