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Low Blood Pressure Range, Types, Symptoms, Causes & Diet

A controlled and perfect blood pressure reduces the chance of morbidity and mortality! It’s been often said that high blood pressure aggravates the chance of heart strokes while low blood pressure lowers the same and hence it is not necessary to worry about low blood pressure. But it should be noted that low blood pressure is not always a good news. It can become taxing at sometimes and medical help should be sought for the same. This article is a brief flair into the the problem of low blood pressure. It has all important information like low blood pressure chart, low blood pressure range, low blood pressure diet etc.

What is Low Blood Pressure?

Hypo-tension (popularly known as low blood pressure) is a situation wherein flow of blood to the organs is inadequate. A normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 mmhg. The upper one is the systolic pressure while the lower one is the diastolic pressure. Diastolic pressure is exerted when your heart is in the rest mode while Systolic pressure is exerted when your heart is beating.

Low Blood Pressure Chart

Low blood pressure range exists from 90/60 – 50/33 mmhg. Different low blood pressure reading has different interpretations. Low blood pressure reading of 90/60 mmhg indicates low blood pressure, 60/40 mmhg indicates too low blood pressure while 50/33 indicates dangerous low blood pressure. One should have be aware about one’s low blood pressure chart to avoid muddle later.

Low blood pressure Symptoms

Low blood pressure is generally has certain symptoms as its acolytes.Following are some of the most common hypo-tension / low blood pressure symptoms:

  1. Generic fragility
  2. Queasiness
  3. Foggy Vision
  4. Dizziness
  5. Muzziness
  6. Light-headedness
  7. Palpitations: It is a situation where-in heartbeats become noticeable and ectopic beats (extra or missed heartbeats) are observed.
  8. Inability to focus
  9. Cold pale skin
  10. Confusion

Types of Low Blood Pressure/Hypotension

1) NMH – Neurally Mediated Hypotension : This generally occurs after one encounters a disheartening experience. This is predominantly known as fainting.

2) Orthostatic Hypotension : This is a situation which generally triggers in when the blood pressure immediately drops when a person gets into standing position from a sitting or lying down position. This mostly affects old and adults. This leads to low blood pressure headache. These sort of low blood pressure headache generally occur when the blood pressure in your head undergoes dramatic changes.

3) Postprandial Hypotension : This typically occurs when people have just eaten.

Low Blood Pressure Causes

Following are some common and mostly observed low blood pressure causes:

1) Certain medical constrains like thyroid, disorders pertaining to nervous system, heart diseases like heart failure, valvular heart disease, heart strokes; low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can lead to low blood pressure levels.

2) High blood pressure treating medication might work more than what they’re required to and thus create potential for low blood pressure.

3) Would be mothers experience expansion of blood vessels resulting in falling blood pressure but this situation mostly ceases in the postpartum (after delivery) period.

4) Shocks is the most deadly form of low blood pressure conditions. This commonly occurs when there is improper blood flow to kidneys, brain and other vital organs. It is mostly caused by massive blood loss, severe infections and burns.

5) Dehydration: Dehydration is a situation where in body fluids are lost at a faster rate than they are restored back. It generally occurs in cases of severe fever, diarrhea, exhausting workout, vomiting etc.

6) Septicemia or a condition where in fungal or bacterial function gets into the blood from other body parts, can also lead to low blood pressure. It might be caused due to urinary tract infection or pneumonia or other likely infections.

Low blood pressure Cure

Following are the remedial actions that could serve as super effective low blood pressure cure:

1) Maintain a smart low blood pressure diet: Your low blood pressure diet should contain more of water and less alcohol. It should be salubrious containing everything from fruits to vegetables to whole grains to fish.

2) Give your body plenteous non alcoholic fluids. Caffeine might also prove to be an amazing assistance in coping with low blood pressure.

3) Indulge into proper exercises to ensure the maintenance of a steady flow of blood.

4) To avoid the issues of dizziness after meals try taking small and recurrent meals and try to limit the carbohydrate content of your meal. Try taking rest after your meals to avoid the problem of light heartedness after meals.

5) Try not to stand for longer period of times and try and avoid straining while you’re in the loo.

6) Seek proper medical assistance in dealing with your low blood pressure and abide by the prescription.

7) Ensure proper intake of salt. Proper fluid and salt intake can also help you to curb the problem of dehydration. But try and seek proper medical assistance before moving on with the idea of adding salt to your diet. Don’t do it without bonafide guidance.

So this was all about the essentials pertaining to low blood pressure and the measure to cope with it. Stay informed and take sagacious decisions.

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