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How to overcome Loneliness and Isolation?

How to overcome Loneliness and Isolation

Loneliness decimates, isolation kills, they say. Loneliness and isolation is a feeling that one surely encounters in the journey of their lives. It is just that people have different ways of dealing with them. No matter how strong you are, loneliness can break your spirit. Your bravery lies in how …

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How to Keep your Old Parents Happy?

How to Keep your Old Parents Happy

Old age is said to be the worst possible injustice. Old age brings sadness, loneliness and crossness with it. Old people are often compared with babies because just like a tender baby, old people need attention and affection too. But sadly, the one who believed in giving all throughout his …

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How to Control your Ego in a relationship?

How to Control your Ego in a relationship

“You should leave your ago otherwise everyone else will leave you.” This is an oldadage but it never loses its importance. Ego is a lethal corrosive substance. It has a very high potential to destroy your relationships. If one values people and relationships more than anything else then he/she has …

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How to be Happy with Yourself ?

Top 10 Ways to be Happy with Yourself

Happiness is the essence of life. Unhappiness is associated with lifelessness. For all those who think that something triggers happiness, they often run behind contingent and short lived happiness and make their lives miserable. Happiness always exists. Happiness is always there sometimes hidden and sometimes shining bright at the surface. …

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Top 10 Benefits of Good Sleep

Top 10 Benefits of Good Sleep

Sleep is certainly the most supreme form of meditation. It is that golden binding solution that ties health with bodies. Sleep is one of the most pivotal ingredients to the recipe of a lovely life. Going to sleep ends this day and waking up from sleep starts another. This statement …

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How to overcome Stress and Depression?

How to overcome Stress and Depression

Depression makes you hollow from inside and stress renders you helpless and deprived of happiness. These are as bad as having fatal diseases. These problems trigger when hope dies. It is often said that the hope serves as the platform upon which the world is established. Just imagine how disheartening …

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