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Levipil 500 mg Tablet : Uses, Side Effects, Dose, Composition, Price, Substitutes and Action

Levipil 500 MG Tablet(by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd) is ananticonvulsant and is usually given along with a few other medicines. It is used to cure fits or seizures of various types in both adults and children who are  epileptic. Uses of Levipil 500 MG Tablet include treatment of partial-onset, tonic-clonic and myoclonic seizures in the patients suffering from epilepsy. Levipil 500 uses are not only restricted till here, it may also be used to treat various other health issues as found by the doctor. When prescribed for Children and Elderly people, extra caution needs to be taken. Levipil tablet has to be taken orally and is avaible in both liquid as well as tablet form.

Levipil 500 mg Tablet Uses, Side Effects, Dose, Composition, Price, Substitutes and Action

Levipil 500 Uses

Levipil 500MG Tablet is known to belong to the group of drugs known as anticonvulsants. Anticonvulsants is a well known drug that helps prevent the frequency of fits or sezures that the patient experiences from various types of epilepsy. Let us know what Levipil tablet is used for. Levipil is usually added along with other medicines and is helpful to treat myoclonic (jerking or twitching of muscles), partial-onset (seizure that affect only one part of the brain) or general tonic-clonic seizures (seiziure that affect the entire brain) in patients suffering from epilepsy. The main function of this medication is to slow down the abnormal impulses of the nerves in your brain, which thereby reduces the seizures. Hope you now know about the Levipil uses.

In certain medical conditions you might be asked to take extra precautions with Levipil 500 MG Tablet. Hence, it is really important to keep your doctor informed in case you are pregnant or you are planning to have a baby, you have a kidney disease or you are undergoing dialysis, or any other sort of medicines which you are taking regularly, you have some kind of allergies or you have a history of certain kind of mental conditions such as stress or depression. Hence, we can say that tab Levipil uses may differ according to different medical conditions and history.

Levipil 500 Side Effects

Levipil Side Effects include feeling very tired, weak or drowsy. These types of symptoms can usually be seen in the patient in the very first month of taking the medicine and slowly they tend to lessen as the body takes a bit of time to start adjusting to it. If you notice Levipil 500 side effects are more serious than these, you must consult your doctor with immediate action.

You must seek immediate medical help if you notice any of these symptoms or Levipil 500mg Side Effects:

  • A skin rashes, itching, hives, swelling of lips, tongue or face. This tells that you are having an allergic reaction to the medicine.
  • Started suffering from fever, chills or sore throat after having the medicine.
  • You have notices some kind of changes in your vision.
  • Suddenly you started getting seizures
  • Abnormal bleeding or bruising
  • Your skin became red or yellow or you have started having blisters, peeling or you noticed loosening of your skin. These symptoms may also include the inside part of your mouth.
  • You observed discoloured urine or you are having light coloured stool
  • You started losing appetite, or you are having pain in your upper belly’s right side
  • Feeling a lot more tired or weak than normal
  • Have flu-like symptoms

It is also observed that Levipil 500 MG Tablet also cause liver problems in a few cases, hence it is also advised by the doctor to limit alcohol consumption while you are under this medication. Now that you know about Levipil tablet side effects, let us know about its dosage.

Levipil 500 Dose

After covering levipil 500 uses and side effects let us know about the dosage of Levipil 500 MG Tablet. Levipil 500 MG Tablet dosage is usually decided upon the medical condition and responsiveness of the patient towards the treatment. When this medicine is prescribed to children, the weight of the child is also taken into consideration. The doctor may pay special attention to Levipil dose in pediatrics. In the initial days the doctor might prescribe you a low Levipil dose. However, it may be increased gradually after seeing how your body responds to the medication.

The patient should take Levipil regularly for best results. You must also make sure that you do not take overdose or you take it for a longer period than you have been prescribed for. Also, you must ensure that you do not stop taking Levipil 500m Tablet suddently, as this may make your seizures or fits even worse. The dose of Levipil is decreased gradually and then it is stopped, if required.

Levipil 500 Composition

Levipil 500 Composition includes the salt named Levetiracetam – 1000 MG. Kindly note that Levipil may also be available in various strengths.

Levipil 500 Substitutes

We have listed the names of medicines that have the same composition, strength and form as that in Levipil 500 MG Tablet, and therefore they can also be used as its substitute.

Levipil Substitutes are as follows :

  • Levesam 500 MG Tablet (Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd)
  • Levroxa 500 MG Tablet (Strides Shasun Limited)
  • Levtam 500 MG Tablet (Unichem Laboratories Ltd)
  • Confilev 500 MG Tablet (Strides Shasun Limited)
  • Epictal 500 MG Tablet (Ipca Laboratories Pvt Ltd.)

Levipil 500 Tablet Price

Levipil 500 price as per MRP(Maximum Retail Price) – Rs.120.14 (Rs.12.014/Tablet)

Levipil 500 Action and Related Warnings

There are a few Levipil Action and related warnings you must consider while taking it :

Alchohol : Levipil 500mg Tablet may cause a lot of drowsiness and calmness if taken with alcohol.

Pregnancy : Levipil 500mg Tablet is extremely unsafe to use during pregnancy. Levipil 500 side effects in pregnancy should be taken care of and this medication should be avoided during pregnancy. A lot of studies have been done on animals which shows adverse effects on the foetus. So, it is always advisable to consult your doctor while taking Levipil during pregnancy.

Lactation : Levipil 500mg Tablet is quite safe to use during lactation. A few studies and human data tells that this drug does not have a significant risk to the baby. However, you still need to monitor the baby for proper weight gain and sleepliness.

Driving : Levipil 500 is may make you feel sleepy, tired, or it may decrease your alertness. If you notice this symptom, do not drive.

Kidney : Levipil 500 Tablet must always be used with caution in patients who have a kidney disease. In such cases, it is advised to consult the doctor. The doctor may adjust the dosage of Levipil 500mg Tablet.

Liver : Levipil 500mg Tablet is quite safe to use in the patients suffering from liver disease. However, for patients with severe liver disease, a lower dosage may be advised by the doctor.

Hope you now know about the Levipil 500 action and related warnings which you must take care of.

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