How to lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally ?

How to lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally ?

It has been well said that good health is the underpinning of happiness and no doubt high cholesterol is a threat to that very base. It is not like that cholesterol is totally undesirable or something. Our body needs good cholesterol to work properly but high cholesterol means that our body is producing more cholesterol than your body actually needs. High cholesterol puts you at risk of heart strokes and attacks. Thus to lead a healthy life lowering high levels of bad cholesterol is essential. How to lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Top 10 Ways to lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Here are some ways to lower cholesterol levels naturally.

1) Oats

Oats is the most wonderful way to lower cholesterol levels through diet. Including oats in your breakfast is the healthiest choice one can ever make. Oats absorbs the bad cholesterol in your food which then goes out of your body in your excreta. This is because oat is enriched with a substance called beta glucan which is capable of captivating LDL or the bad cholesterol.

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2) Say Goodbye to Refined Sugars and Grains

Say Goodbye to Refined Sugars and Grains Instead of refined flour, sugar and rice, try to bank upon whole wheat flour, brown rice and unrefined sugar. Whole grains are a very wonderful source of fibres which is a very smart choice when it comes to lower cholesterol levels fast and naturally. Refined grains and sugar make your liver make more cholesterol and also cause inflammation.

3) Switch to Smaller Meals from Large Ones

It is perfectly fine to feed upon 5-6 smaller meals during the day instead of 3 colossal ones. By adopting this method you won’t have the urge to eat in between of your meals and also all of your meals will be appropriately sized and balanced. Make sure you opt for healthy snacks like fruits, nuts etc. This is the best way to lower cholesterol and lose weight as well.

4) Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

Exercising is an amazing remedy to lower cholesterol levels without medications. Exercising keeps your body healthy, active and also aids it to get rid of those stubborn toxins. With just 30 minutes of exercising you can amazingly increase your good cholesterol levels and lower the bad ones. You need not engage into very difficult high level warrior type tasks. A 30 minute brisk walk, swimming or any of your favourite sport is good enough to lower cholesterol levels.

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5) Avoid Drinking your Calories

Avoid Drinking your Calories Avoid those calorie sweetened beverages. Fizzy drinks, sodas etc are one of the major contributors of empty calories. Try lightening your coffee, choosing a diet soda, opting for toned milk rather than the full cream one and don’t forget to dilute your juice before drinking it. These smart tricks can help you to lower cholesterol and lose weight.

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6) Omega-3 and Antioxidants

Both of these constituents are essential to consider if you are planning to lower cholesterol levels through diet. Fruits and vegetables teem with antioxidants and you can find omega 3 fatty acids in olive oil, flax seeds, canola oil, avocado etc. Including these items in your diet plan can help you go a long way to lower cholesterol levels naturally.

7) Choose Sources of High Soluble Fibres

Soluble fibres help you to get rid of the stubborn and bad cholesterol as it absorbs the bad cholesterol in your body itself and gets rid of it by eliminating it out of your body with the aid of excretory material. Choose fruits, vegetables, sprouts and all other rich sources of high soluble fibres to lower cholesterol levels quickly.

8) Oils for Lower CholesterolOils for Lower Cholesterol

Essential lavender oil diminishes stress and thus also helps one to lower cholesterol levels fast. Rosemary oil supports cardio system and in enriched with anti-oxidants that reduces cholesterol levels. Cypress oil is also one of the best oils when it comes to lowering of cholesterol levels as it improves blood circulation. Choosing these oils can help you to lower cholesterol levels without medication. 

9) Limiting Caffeine

Caffeine is known for enhancing cholesterol levels. If in case you’re an ardent fan of tea or coffee then try limiting your intake to 1-2 cups a day. This will help you to lower your cholesterol levels quickly.

10) Avoiding Alcohol

Alcohol stimulates your liver to harvest more cholesterol and also grounds inflammation. Alcohol should be strictly avoided to lower cholesterol levels. A glass of red wine is good for your cardio system but if taken more than this then it is no less than a nightmare dressed as a daydream. So these were the ways to lower your cholesterol levels naturally, fast and without medications. Adopt them and observe the desired changes in your lives.

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