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How to control Anger and Frustration ?

We might not have noticed that anger is just one letter short of danger but we all have certainly observed that it does lead to danger. Anger has the potency to cause destruction. It is often said that he who angers you, conquers you. None of us is here to be slaves to someone. So why let others have that impact on you. Why let anger pour forlornness in your lives?

How to control Anger and Frustration

Top 10 Ways to Control Anger and Frustration

Here are some ways to control your anger and frustration.

1) Time Out

People who don’t take a time out, they stop being productive. Time out is not just a concept confined to games and schools. It is a real existential thing that is a need for every human. Continuous working not only reduces your productivity but also fills you with stress, frustration and anger.

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2) Take a Sound Sleep

Take a Sound Sleep

Inadequate sleep not only plays harmful effects on your body but also makes your life irritating and stressful. A good sleep is not only essential for a healthy body but for a pleasant and calm mood too.

3) Exercise Regularly

Exercising has something about itself that not only keeps your body active but also soothes your mind and soul. It helps you get rid of toxins both from your body and your mind. It is one of the best ways to get rid of that stubborn anger.

4) Talk, talk and talk

Don’t keep things to yourself. Talk about them. It is really easy to angry at someone but it takes real guts to tell them that they hurt you. When you keep things inside you they just keep on building and keeps on filling you with anger. Just let it go. Anger is that kind of deadly poison that corrodes the container more than anything else. So choose wisely.

5) Get a Hobby

Get a Hobby

Find your interest or develop one and then go long ways to master in it. Take off your mind from all those thoughts that trigger anger. Find people with the same interest and be friends with them. Explore the world. It is often said that there can be many causes for anger and seldom is it that they are reasonable. So why waste your time for such a thing. Do something new and creative.

6) Solve your Problems

Only you know your problems better. You can seek others help to get a solution but it takes only you to implement one. Accept the problem and try finding all viable solutions for it. Problems bring anger and frustration to you but just getting into the grip of anger at times of problems is not the smart decision. Rather find solutions for it and implement them.

7) Relaxation Exercises

Get into activities that can relax you. Be it yoga, meditation or visual imagery exercises. To an extent we own are emotions and we are the only ones in whose hands our relaxation rests.

8) Surrender all the Negativity

Surrender all the Negativity

Surrender all your judgements, ego and negative thoughts. Let them all go. For you are human and you’re bound to make mistakes and so are others. Things might not happen the way we want them but who said that the other way can’t be better. Stay positive even in the hardest times. One, who stays calm in few moments of anger, avoids several sorrow filled days.

9) Use Humour

Watch TV shows or movies filled with comedy. Laugh as much as you can. Be happy. Two swords cannot reside in a single scabbard. When your heart is already over-flowing with happiness, how can anger and frustration reside there for two long?

10) Don’t be Over Critical

It is often said that humans are not bad. It is situations what make them bad. When someone did something that did hurt you or made you angry it is not because they wanted to do so. Try to understand their situation. Be open to others perspective. You will see that the reason for your anger and frustration won’t exist anymore.

These were some ways to control your anger and frustration. These are some really easy steps but with wonderful life changing effects.

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