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10 Harmful Effects of Smoking on Your Body 

10 Harmful Effects of Smoking on Your Body 

Someone would be a total fool to keep his mouth at the other end of the piping hot fire. They are breathing in their murderers hoping that their problems would go away with the smoky clouds as they exhale. They don’t realize that one day this smoke will take them away. Their problems would go because the one who is having problems will exist no more.

10 Harmful Effects of Smoking on Your Body 

10 Harmful Effects of Smoking

Here are some ill health effects of smoking that you need to consider before you start or continue with one.

1) Irritation

Smoking has high doses of nicotine in it. When you are smoking, certain changes occur in the architecture of your brain and it develops some additional receptors for nicotine. When you don’t smoke, nicotine withdrawal takes place leaving you there craving, pleading, crying, and anxious and irritated.

2) Harmful Effects of Smoking during Pregnancy

Harmful Effects of Smoking during Pregnancy

Smoking is dangerous but it can be the most dangerous when along with you, you are putting that innocent life’s life at stake. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to certain undesirable situations like miscarriage, dead foetus, early birth or a baby with considerably low weight.

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3) Harmful for Eyes

Smoking can alter the physical properties of your eyes leading them to the verge of impairment beyond repair. It also hinders the production of a chemical that helps you to see at night thus smoking very badly affects your night vision. Also it enhances the probability of occurrence of cataract and macular disintegration. Both of these are those deadly phenomena that can cause blindness.

4) Harmful Effects on Integumentary System

Integumentary system encompasses hair, skin and nails. Smoking makes you prone to skin cancer, increases the problems of fungal nails and also contributes to greying and thinning of hair.

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5) Harmful Effects on Blood Circulation

Harmful Effects on Blood Circulation

Smoking affects blood circulation in a bad manner and makes you more prone to some really bad conditions like heart strokes, heart attacks, coronary heart disease, impaired blood vessels and dented arteries kerbing the incessant flow of blood to your brains. Also the flow to your hands and legs get slowed leading to pains or even certain terminal diseases like gangrene.

6) Harmful Effects on Lungs

Smoking irritates the airways in your lungs and often renders scary tissues on your lungs due to inflammation. It can also cause sensation of tight chest, wheezing, coughing and short breath. It also initiates COPD that is chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases like bronchitis, asthma, emphysema etc.

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7) Harmful Effects on Reproductive System

Nicotine enriched smoking hinders the blood flow to the genitals and also lowers the level of sex hormones. All the lethal material in smoking can amend the genetic material in mail hormones that can lead to either infertility or genetic imbalance in the children. This can lead to substandard performance in males, inability of females to acquire satisfaction and low sexual desires both in males and females.

8) Harmful Effects on Face

Harmful Effects on Face

What can affect you so much on your inside can totally devastate you on your outside. Smoking renders a grey, uneven, wrinkled texture on your face. It makes your face lose its smoothness trailing its supple look and radiant glow forever.

9) Bad for Mouth

The place that touches the fire gets burnt more. It is also true in the case of smoking. Smoking can cause havoc to your mouth. A chain smoker has myriads of oral problems. Mouth cancer, throat cancer, gum diseases, ulcers, cavities etc are a few of them. Extreme cases also include losing of all the teeth. So beware! You might be smoking for the purpose to seek pleasure but keep in mind it can make your smile ugly it can also make you to lose your smile by making you lose your teeth.

10) Harmful Effects on Immune System

Smoking totally wanes your immune system. Because of hurtful substances in it like tar and other chemicals, it condenses the capacity of your immune system to fight diseases and cancers as well. This makes you prone to certain auto-immune diseases.

These were some horrifying effects that smoking renders on you. So before you kiss a cigarette with your lips next time, just try to figure out what choices are you making for yourself.

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